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Why Use A Pet Sitter?

It's convenient!
Special care for your pet!
Very economical!


West Valley Petsitting, Inc. offers care for your home, horses, and pets when you cannot. No job is too big or too small, whether it be caring for a stable of horses for weeks at a time, or coming by to walk your dog when you can't make it home. Do you need the security of knowing that your home is being watched and cared for while you are away? With West Valley you know there is an extra set of eyes looking after your property. This service is not only for vacation care, but also for anyone who needs help with their pets when they cannot be home. Do you have meetings that run late on Mondays and you can't get home to let your dog out? Have you had an injury and cannot take care of your animal(s)? No problem.

We take pride in being able to offer your pets and horses quality care, and being able to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your pets, horses and home are in good hands.


If you have dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, chickens, cows, horses or even fish, kenneling may not be for you or your pet. Some animals are too large to kennel, some are too small and some of our friends are just not comfortable away from home. You can leave your pet with a feeling of security in the comfort of his or her own home.

A trained pet sitter will come to your home and care for your animals during daily visits that can be set up for once, twice or as many times as your pet or pets require.

Special Care

Some dogs and cats do not tolerate kennel life very well. It can be frightening. There are new sounds, new smells, people that they do not know and the pet is usually in some type of cage. Most dogs and cats feel more secure and content in the surroundings of their home, even if their owners have gone away. Our pets are a lot like us and tend to find comfort in consistency and the familiarity of home.

To insure the well being of your pet is not compromised. Special customized care is our goal.

Insured and Bonded - please see our security page.

Dog and CatRescued and Shelter Animals

Special care is important for the well being of rescued dogs that have been retrieved out of shelters and placed in foster homes until ready for adoption or shelter animals that have been recently adopted. Being in yet another kennel is not always beneficial for these animals. Pet sitting is a wonderful alternative for the foster family and the dog.

Mother and Babies

Why take Mom and her Babies to a Kennel, when they could stay comfortable and calm at home? Does Mom need supplements added to her diet? Does she need a little extra attention? Do the babies need special care?

The Elderly Pet

Extra care is offered for your elderly pet. Special diets and administering medications may be arranged along with any other considerations that your pet needs.

Skittish Kitties

Our little feline friends have a tendency to sleep under beds and behind furniture. Sometimes they may even hide. We always find Kitty and check physically for general healthiness along with closely monitoring the Kitties food and water consumption and kitty litter box use.

Crate Breaks

This service is offered to clients who have a new puppy or who have pets that are crated or elderly pets who need an afternoon "outdoor" break. Offered weekdays, Monday - Friday, 1 visit per day.All kinds of pets!

Midday walks are a pleasant break for house and apartment dogs. This is ideal for folks who work long hours, or are unable to walk their dog for other reasons. These 30-minute walks can be arranged on a weekly or monthly schedule.


Pet sitting is often an economical solution to kenneling. Boarding fees at a local kennel or with a veterinarian are figured at a daily rate per pet. The total price for boarding can be costly. Our price is based on a reasonable number of pets that can be properly cared for during the scheduled visit or visits.