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Services and Fees

Vacation Care Visit(s) - $20.00+ per visit
1/2 hour visit(s) that includes standard servicesphotography by design

♥ Feeding
♥ Fresh Water
♥ Playtime walks/exercise
♥ Medication Administered
♥ Pooper Scooping
♥ Kitty Litter cleaning
♥ Plant watering
♥ Bring in Mail & Newspapers
♥ Bring Trash Bin in/out for Collection
♥ Security Check
♥ Alternate Lights, Open/Close Drapes
(for a "lived in look")
♥ Additionally:A Written Pet Care Log of Events

Crate Breaks $65.00/Week Mon-Fri only
One 15 minute visit per day

Midday Dog Walk - $17.00+ (when scheduled without
other services) 1/2 hour walk for exercise and a "potty Break"

House sitting & Plant watering services (without pets) $15.00+ per visit - Bring in mail, pick up flyers and newspapers, check pipes under sinks & water heaters for leaks, make sure windows and locks are secured, alternate lighting and blinds/drapes, water house plants and outdoor plants

Overnights $85.00 +
Your sitter arrives at your home at approximately 8:00 pm and stays for 10-12 hours. This includes an evening dog walk and morning pet care.

Live-ins $125 (24 hour increments) 623-214-3536
For the client who would like a sitter to live in their home the entire time that they are away. Your sitter will provide her own food. She may leave to run an errand but will be living in your home while you are away.

Grooming - Please visit our grooming page.

Holidays Surcharge 50% on Major holidays.

Key Pick-up/Drop-off Fee $15.00 after initial Consultation Visit
Free Consultation with you and your pet at your home upon acceptance of service.

Payment is expected in full at the beginning of service.
Insured and Bonded