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Cindy Owens, Owner

Cindy is a lifelong animal lover. As a child she often rode her bike to the local veterinarian office just to hang out in the small lobby on the off-chance of talking to the vet. “To me, the veterinarian was a hero and I hung on his every word. I brought him wounded birds, a sick hamster and a pair of newborn kittens I had found”. Cindy recalls. “I knew as a child that someday I would work with animals”. After years of working in an accounting career, Cindy discovered the world of pet sitting at a booth set up at a county fair by several members of Pet Sitters International.
Several years later in 2002, she moved back to Arizona and founded West Valley Pet Sitting, Inc. Her passion for animals along with a business background seemed to be the perfect match for her lifelong goal of working with animals. Her commitment to pets and their owners is seen in her company’s mission statement.
Cindy shares her home with her furry family. Trinket, Eddy, Pookah, Boo & Zoey. She still saves wounded birds, picks up strays and is involved in community events along with the day to day running of West Valley Pet Sitting, Inc.

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