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Happy Healthy Pet

We offer additional services to our clients to ensure the health and happiness of their pets are being met. Some of the services are fee based and some are included in the visit fee.


If your kitty is slightly matted or severely matted, we can help. No job is too big or too small. You can choose to have just the mats shaved out where needed or a full shave down.

A routine Lion Clip or Complete shave down is done in the comfort of their own home reducing the stress of visiting a grooming facility or a veterinary office.

Shy, geriatric, arthritic and cats with sensitive skin need an experienced “hand” in an un-rushed environment and require special grooming techniques that we can provide.

Stomach Shaves and “Potty Clips/Sanitary Shaves” for Long Haired kitties who cannot keep up with own personal grooming is also available.

A complimentary nail trim is included with our Happy Healthy Pet grooming visits.


This service is excellent for dogs that are matted or need a sanitary shave.

A complimentary nail trim is included with our Happy Healthy Pet grooming visits.


Administer pills or liquid medications orally

Insulin injections

Subcutaneous fluids (As often as the pet requires the sub-q fluids) daily, every other day or once a week. Experienced and trained personnel will be administering the sub-q fluids and will give the exact amount of cc’s prescribed for your pet.

Eye Drops & Ear Drops

Please contact us to discuss your pet care needs.:
westvalleypetsitting@gmail.com or call us at (623) 214-3536
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